When we receive a request for investigation, a member of our leadership team will contact the potential client within 48 hours of notification. We will obtain pertinent information during the initial contact, and review the case with our team. Once it’s been determined that we can assist the potential client, the investigation date (or set of dates) is scheduled, and we will assemble the appropriate investigation team, which will have a minimum of three members.

On the scheduled investigation date(s), the client will provide our team with exclusive access to the venue. With the investigation team being the only physical presence in the venue, it will help prevent contamination of potential evidence. The duration of the investigation will depend on the scope of the case, but is generally three- to six-hours in length. In some instances, a longer investigation period is necessary.

Generally, our investigations are conducted during the evening. The leadership team will review this with the client ahead of time. We will provide all the equipment needed for the investigation. Some of our equipment will require access to power source, which the client must agree to provide. Exceptions to this will be reviewed by the leadership team in advance.

The Portland Oregon Paranormal Society is an evolving team of individuals from all walks of life. Although we have varying levels of belief and skepticism in the paranormal, one thing is for certain: we all share an appetite for the strange and the unexplained, with an enduring goal of either proving or disproving its paranormal nature.

Our team is comprised of investigators with years of combined experience in the paranormal, employing a holistic approach including effective use of technology coupled with intuitive methodologies. What we do is voluntary; our passion is what drives us. Hence, we never charge for our services. When you reach out to us, what you will receive is professional and timely assessment, investigation, and analysis of your situation.

The spirit world is unpredictable. Sometimes, despite our efforts, there may not be any or enough activity during the investigation that we can validate with audio recordings or video footage. However, we will review any potential audio and/or video evidence with the client within 7 days of the investigation. If a lengthier evidence review period is necessary, the leadership team will inform the client accordingly. WE DO NOT PERFORM BLESSINGS, SPIRITUAL CLEANSING, ETC. ~ We can certainly suggest resources for you if you feel the need to head in that direction.


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