Portland Oregon Paranormal Society

We find it fascinating when we get messages from the other side. However, we’re just as equally excited to hear from you corporeal folk. If you believe you have a case for us, please fill out our contact form. We will respond to your message within 48 hours.

NOTE: We readily conduct investigations in the greater Portland area. However, investigation requests for locations outside of Portland (or the state of Oregon) will also be considered.

Interested in becoming a member of P.O.P.S.? Please fill out our membership request form. If you seem like a good match we will contact you in the next round of interviews.

Questions? Often we get email requests to examine video, still images, or audio. While we try to respond to every request, these often take a back seat to our full investigations. One route you may try is to post on our Facebook page for our followers to review (if you're not too concerned about privacy, that is). Or if you'd like, email us and let us know it's okay to repost it to protect your identity, and we will upload as soon as we can.


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